Finding A WordPress Theme

WordPress Themes essentially are website templates specifically designed for that WP CMS. Each theme consists of up files that happen to be called “template files”. Themes include image files (*.jpg, .gif), custom-made template files, custom pages, style sheets (.css) and then for any needed code files (*.php). The “Wordpress Theme Directory” may be the official site for WP Themes.

Initially, Wordpress supplies two themes for each and every new installation. While using the WP admin panel you’ll be able to switch between the two templates. Some popular free Wordpress Templates are Ahimsa, Blue Diffusion, and Black Brown. In addition there are many Premium WP themes avalible for your purchases. The typical expense of a premium WP template is approximately $60 so that they have become affordable. A major good thing about premium themes is because look better and still have more features than the free templates. An illustration of this features present in most premium themes are; custom widgets, multiple color schemes, template options panel, and custom navigation.

Follow this advice on the way to add new themes to your WP installation:

Download the new theme and extract all the files. Always refer to the manual provided by the template author.
You’ll then get the host server employing an FTP client. Produce a Directory to contain the Theme as wp-content/themes/joy. Here Theme name is joy.
Like a third step, on your own host server, upload the Theme files for the new directory.
The past step would be to sign in to the Administration Panel and activate the newest theme.
“Liteblog” is a preferred free Wordpress Theme. It provides a modern feel and conditions IE7, IE8, Safari, Chrome, Opera etc. It is usually an easily customizable theme. “Unread” is the one other free template that is widget ready and advertisement ready which has a rotationg Freatured Image section around the home page.

Centizero, Sintagma, Blue Company, and SOFA One Page Folio are a couple of types of popular premium themes. eQuator is an excellent premium theme for anyone who really wants to start a personal blog. My WordPress can be a premium theme with features like page-navigation ready, ad optimization ready, and is also very SEO friendly.

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